Mi Familia

Mi Familia was a film that I have come to appreciate. I have to admit that I didn’t really start getting into Mi Familia until about halfway through the movie. I found the beginning to be a bit too slow for me. However, when Chucho came into the picture, it instantly reminded me of someone close to my heart; this connection to Chucho is when the movie began to interest me.

The first part that caught my attention was when Chucho was dancing the Mambo with the younger children around the car. It not only showed Chucho’s softer and kinder side, but it also showed the goodness of his heart. It was as if he was a child himself, playing and having a good time. It brought a smile to my face, and that was the first moment that I started to get into this film.

However, that smile faded when Chucho stabbed and killed the guy at the club. Tears began to fall when the policeman shot Chucho, thus ending his life. Even though Chucho’s mother believed his fate was determined a long time ago by the spirit of the river—and that his life had been on borrowed time—I believe he had a choice to do something with his life but chose otherwise. I felt even more empathy for his family; losing a loved one can affect those who knew that person. However, life must go on.

As the story progressed, I felt as if I could relate more and more to it. While I couldn’t relate to the immigration aspect, I could relate to the “family” aspect. For example, as the film came to a close, all that was showing was the dinner table. It reminded me of my own family and how at every holiday we eat around our dinner table. It also reminded me that no matter what happens, everything seems to happen for a reason.

After watching this film, I gained a deeper understanding for not only the movie, but for my family. Families come in all different races and sizes, yet there is one thing that I believe all families should have: love. At the end of the day, some of us are lucky enough to come home to a supportive, loving family. I am grateful to have that, and it is because of this movie that led me to that discovery.


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