Stomp Live

I felt that Stomp Live was an entertaining musical performance. I was glued to my seat and occasionally moving to the rhythms and beats. There is so much creativity that went into making this musical performance. I thought the different instruments the performers used were original and loved how they used everyday materials to create such eclectic music. The choreography left me speechless at times. While this performance went for about 2 hours, I was surprised when it ended; it left me engaged the whole time wanting more. The parts I liked best were when the performers added humor and audience participation. I felt the humor added to the overall performance, and I was always looking forward to it. It seemed like the performers and audience had a good time interacting with one another during the handclaps, and as a viewer, I enjoyed it as well. Some of my other favorite parts included when the performers threw the brooms in unison to each other and the basketball scene. The difficulty and skill that goes into dribbling a basketball while passing in unison and keeping the beat takes talent. I loved watching that part, and I also liked when the performers were playing with the water jugs. I couldn’t believe how they could throw, catch, and play on someone else’s water jug at the same time! The overall performance was very lively, and I am glad I had the chance to watch such an upbeat, electrifying performance.


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