Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision

I thought Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision was intriguing, interesting, and inspiring. Watching her at age 20, it is evident that she was not your average young adult. I was surprised to learn how much research, time, and work—not to mention creativity—goes into making a work of art. For example, her essay for the Vietnam War Memorial took about two months to write! She didn’t think she was going to win because it focused more on the people and not the war. I thought her piece looked very simplistic at first, yet after she explained her thoughts and reasons for doing so, I was very impressed.

After dealing with the controversy over the memorial, I really admired the way she handled the situation. She had such composure and courage to stand up to those who disagreed with her design. I feel that she was well beyond her years and very ambitious at such a young age. Her determination and focus continued as she got older. To me, A Strong Clear Vision represents Maya Lin perfectly. She is a strong woman who has a clear vision, and her artwork is bold, meaningful, and timeless. I would definitely recommend this documentary!


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