Billy Elliot

I really enjoyed watching the movie Billy Elliot. I thought it was a touching film that can inspire people of any age to follow their dreams. Billy had such determination to strive for what he was so passionate about, I felt inspired that he had a strong sense of who he was at a young age. Although his father, Jackie, and brother, Tony, did not approve of Billy doing ballet at first, it is evident that towards the end their relationship with Billy grew stronger. Also, Mrs. Wilkinson was a driving force that helped push Billy to his fullest potential. I think these are some of the factors that captured my emotions in making this a great movie.

To have a deceased mother and a family that was struggling to make a living, Billy was trapped in the middle of a family crisis. He needed an outlet to express his feelings. Although his dad insisted that Billy become a lad and take up boxing, Billy had another idea in mind. He went against the tradition of becoming another miner in the family and went on to pursue his own dream. He described that dancing was like electricity. There were some parts that reminded me of his electricity moments. For example, during some dancing scenes where he was bouncing up and down and clicking his feet, it was entertaining and put a smile on my face that he was doing something he loved. He reminded me of what a child should be doing, not having a care in the world and just having fun. However, his father and brother could not see that at first.

Although his father wore a hard shell on the outside, I think it finally cracked when he saw Billy dance in front of him for the first time. This was a very emotional part for me as I could only imagine what Billy’s father must have been thinking. After all those feelings of frustration turned to shock, I think he realized he had been taking out his aggression on Billy. However, it was at this moment that I think he realized the potential Billy had, and he was going to do everything he could to help Billy’s dream come true even if it meant going against the strike. This was where he ran into Tony on the other side. I thought these two scenes were very touching.

I became very emotional when the father was going back to work and Tony met his dad on the other side of the strike. Tony embraced his dad. The bond between them showed their true feelings and love of the family. Although in the beginning, Tony seemed bitter and angry towards the strike and Billy, I believe his hard shell cracked as well. Another emotional part was towards the end when Tony mouthed the words, “I’ll miss you” to Billy when he was on the bus. It hit home for me, and I felt that it was the beginning of a new relationship between them. Along with Jackie and Tony’s support for Billy, Mrs. Wilkinson also played a vital role in helping Billy.

I really like Mrs. Wilkinson’s character because she was so real. She didn’t treat Billy like a child, but rather like a man. She believed in him and pushed him to his limits. The relationship between Billy and her was quite humorous at times, and it made me laugh. Her intense training and positive reinforcement gave Billy the confidence to pursue his dream. I really enjoyed watching the bond between them, and I couldn’t have imagined a better cast for this movie.

Billy Elliot was a moving film that I would definitely watch again. It captured many emotions of joy, anticipation, and tears. I was rooting for Billy every step of the way and was glad to embark on the journey to his success. His father, brother, and dance instructor played vital roles in helping him to achieve his dream. As a side note, I also enjoyed watching his nana and his best friend. They were also factors that I think helped Billy get into the ballet school and make his dream a reality. I would definitely recommend this film.


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