War Photographer

War Photographer is a documentary about photographer James (Jim) Nachtwey, whom I have the utmost respect for and admire. He is not your typical photographer as he delves deep into the heart of war and poverty; Jim conveys the impact that violence has on its victims. He captures the truth of those who are suffering to communicate their stories to the rest of the world. I believe this takes an abundance amount of dedication and courage. I was shocked to see the horrors that some people experience and the hurt and hardships they have to endure. I agree with Jim when he mentioned that this kind of hatred is beyond one’s understanding. I thought this documentary was brutal and beautiful at the same time.

One story that moved me was the family who lived within inches of the railroad tracks. It was crushing to hear how the father had his arm and leg torn off by a train. Having to live in undesirable conditions already, I can’t imagine how this traumatic event must have affected the family. However, it was inspiring to see how the father continues to support his family despite this tragedy.

Another moving moment was viewing the photos from Africa. The extreme famine these people face is almost unbearable to see. These poor skeletons are on their hands and knees struggling to survive. This is something I believe nobody should have to experience. Not only do these people of skin and bones look as if they are living on their last limb, they also tell a story of excruciating pain and misery through their expression. I think Jim captures these honest portrayals of poverty and genuine emotions.

I am glad I have been exposed to War Photographer. Through his photographs, Jim Nachtwey has opened my eyes to the realities and effects of war and poverty. He has pushed the limits so far as to risk his life to give people a voice. His devotion and intense passion is inspiring. I think his abilities to keep his composure and stay focused during times of distress and danger are qualities that are rare and admirable. I recommend this documentary to teens and adults because some material may be too graphic for children. However, I feel as if everyone should watch this film at one time because some people are unaware of these catastrophic events. I think Jim’s dream of using photography as an antidote to war is very ambitious, and I believe it can happen.


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