Manufactured Landscapes

Sadly, I was a little disappointed in Manufactured Landscapes. While I thought it was an educational documentary to learn about the examination of industrialization and globalization, I thought the way it was presented could have been more appealing. I thought the shots that Edward Burtynsky captured were interesting; I have never seen art like that before. It definitely was strange to find beauty in such large industrial places. I have a deep appreciation for what he does. However, I wish there was a way for the documentary to be more engaging.

Although it was a long introduction of showing the mass of workers in the factory, I was both a little bored and fascinated at the same time. It was a bit monotonous watching the camera filming down the rows of people, yet I was curious to keep watching because I couldn’t believe how many people worked in one building! I timed the video footage, and the camera filmed for over five minutes of this one scene! It was also fascinating to view such massive landscapes next to a person. They were huge! The masses of waste and recyclables amongst the people were overwhelming, too!

While this documentary was mostly about the landscapes, I was more interested in the workers. Throughout the film, I rarely saw anyone smiling or showing a spark of light in their eyes. They all looked so serious and worked so diligently. It was almost like watching robots. The factories seemed like a terrible job to me because I don’t think I could do the same thing day after day. I felt that Burtynsky did a good job of capturing the conformity of these factories and the expressions of the people.

This is not a documentary I think I’d watch again. However, I felt it was a good film to be exposed to because I was not aware that this type of industrialization and globalization occurred. It is hard for me to grasp the concept that something so drastically different than what we are accustomed to is going on somewhere else in the world. I think documentaries are a good way to educate people. Even though it was not the most engaging film, I am still glad I had the chance to watch Manufactured Landscapes.


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